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Products I review meet one or more of the following criteria: Environmental Savings, Best of Class, Low Maintenance, Low cost of Operation, or just All around Great Bargains!



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The Ionic Breeze Quadra:

 A Very Low Energy Usage, Absolutely Silent, Ultra-Efficient Air Cleaner

15% off when you register!
While traveling, I chance to meet a lot of people, and I see more than my share of gadgets for sale. Some look good on the surface, then turn out to be a flop, and some it seems are even self-defeating. Others are so obviously worthless, a person has to ask why someone wasted the time to produce the product at all?

On my last flight, I met a lady whose sneezing and sniffling seemed to last whole flight long. She said she runs HEPA filters all day and night at home. But with the energy shortage nowadays, she's afraid she can't afford to run her filters so much anymore. She lives in California, and has experienced first hand the recent rolling blackouts. The new "exceed 130% over baseline, and pay dearly" policy hits her very close to home, as her current filters together total about 1000 watts (no math here, that's 1 KW/hr).

About three months ago, I found a product that cleans the air of dust and pollen quite well, makes absolutely no noise (yes, really), and has No Filters to be replaced. Now here's the kicker-- it uses only 12 watts to run it! Oh yeah! Compared to those monstrous HEPA filters at up to 200~300 watts, with their noisy fans and $100 plus filter elements needing swapped monthly or so, I felt this was the bargain I'd been seeking. One of these Ionic Breeze Quadra air purifier units (from The Sharper Image) can cycle the air in a 20 x 40 foot room about 3 times an hour!

I bought one, brought it home, and studied the manual for a "downside". Ah-ha, I got one! As it does indeed remove dust and pollen from the air, one must clean it periodically. So, that's it? And it's easy to do, too! There are three stainless steel "plates" on an inserted module that slides into the top. I simply pull out the module by it's very obvious handle, wipe down the 3 plates with a damp paper towel, make sure it's dry, slide it back in, and press the "on" button. There- I'm done for a week!

I sleep better, and my nose isn't stuffed up with dust and pollen in the morning anymore. I now use one paper towel more per week than I used to... to clean my Quadra. I'd guess my paper towel costs have risen perhaps 0.001% annually... Sorry filter companies. As we said back in my days, "Eat your heart out!"

I recently found where to get this product at a real bargain price. I paid full price several months ago, but you won't have to. [15% off when you register!]  Save 15% off your first order by clicking on one of these ads! It's really great for allergies, practically pays for itself in filter cost savings the first year, and most importantly to all of us nowadays, it saves energy by using as little as 1/20 the amount of other filters on the market! Good for the environment, and good for you, too!