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I'm a True Skeptic at heart...

Have you ever seen a product's "infomercial" on TV, got all hyped up, and jumped off the deep end to buy and try it? I'm perhaps more skeptical than the next guy. I've seen more than my share of scams, but seeing the guy swish around perhaps a sixteenth of a cup of Oxiclean powder in a tank of water with a few socks and such, and the color of a dark colored dye in the tank all changing to white seemed, at least, incredible. The guy claimed that Oxiclean was strong like bleach, but wouldn't harm colors. Yeah right...

I'd have dismissed it all- until I saw a trial pack on sale including Oxiclean, Orange Clean, and a couple of others in smaller sizes in a local home furnishings store. The orange clean and others weren't much to write home about.  Then I tried a scoop of the Oxiclean in batch of white socks, and it seemed to make them quite a bit brighter. I thought perhaps the sun being bright that day and all, it was just my imagination. So I gave the Oxiclean a real test...

The guy on TV said something about making it into a paste would make it much stronger, and that it cleans tile and groute too. What about really badly stained kitchen sinks? I've tried Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen on this sink and the best they'd done was to make the stains a couple of shades less noticable. I've got a 3M scratchpad that does wonders on dishes without scratching them, but it hadn't made a dent in that sink stain- until Oxiclean came onto the scene!!! If my sink were any brighter, I'd have to wear shades!

Then came the test that made it worth it's weight: My Mom's favorite blouse.  Mom lives back home in Kansas, and the city had recently changed out the water mains, resulting in dingy colored water for several days. Without giving it a second thought, Mom had washed her favorite blouse, and it was, "...ruined", as she put it. Still, being her favorite, she brought it out with her when they visited over Thanksgiving, and, to make a long story short, soaking the blouse in Oxiclean got out most, if not all of the depressing dinge that had, "ruined" her blouse, bringing it back to it's original bright white radiance.  And yes, she was Very happy!

I chanced to see Oxiclean for sale in a local TV-Products store in the San Jose area for a price of $44.99 for 9 pounds (144 oz.). While I truly appreciate how much brighter and cleaner both my sink and my clothes look since using Oxiclean, I don't appreciate the idea of being taken to the "cleaners", so to speak. I began searching the internet for better prices, and located the real, "As Seen On TV - Buy It On The Web" site, and find their prices MUCH more appealing!  I pass along their site and links thereto for your reference, and I do recommend the Oxiclean product, because It Works!